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By | November 23, 2017

maverick's favorite  {Amazon Clue Answer}  Click here for Answer

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Blockbuster Clue Ans- Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses () (RB3025 002/58 58)

BlockBuster Clue Answer  –   Fastrack Wayfarer unisex Sunglasses

8:00  PM Blockbuster Clue Answer –  Caprese Women’s Tote Bag (Blue

7:00 PM Blockbuster Clue Answer   Lavie Tope Women’s Handbag (Camel)  –

6 PM Blockbuster Clue Answer –  Ray-Ban UV protected Oversized Men Sunglasses – 

Blockbuster Clue Ans 5 : 00 - Lavie Women's Handbag (Beige)

Blockbuster Clue 4:00 PM :  Idee sunglasses black

Blockbuster Clue 3:00 PM - Wildcraft 35 ltrs Orange Hiking Backpack (Rock &Ice Plus Orange)

Blockbuster Clue Ans-  Giordano Analog Red Dial Women’s Watch-A2056-66

Ans for 7:45 PM-
Clue: The original comes in tough green cover & a soft white cushion
Answer: Paperboat coconut

Ans for 7:30 PM-
Clue: ___ Madrid had a juicy final
Answer: Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Expressions – Gift Pack, 500g

Ans for 7:15 PM-
Clue: To __ or not to __, this suitcase naturally wondered.
Answer: B Natural Assorted Utility Gift Pack, 2L 

Ans for 7:00 PM-
Clue: The heart in the center shines it’s shimmering light on this feast.
Answer: Sunfeast gift pack 500 g

Ans for 6:45 PM-
Clue: Greetings with a bite
Answer: Unibic cookie greetings

Ans for 6:30 PM-
Clue: Drinks and memories
Answer: Paper boat 2L

Clue: The sweet taste of success is worth its weight in gold
Answer: Cadbury Choclairs Gold

Ans for 6:00 PM-
Clue: Eminem in a brown coat
Answer: m&m peanut coated with milk chocolate.

05:45 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:  hazelnut in hazelnut 
05:45  PM Answer :  Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, 4pc

05:30 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:  Ristretto , doppio or Affogato are types Of ?
05:30 PM Answer : Nescafe 200g with jar

05:15 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:  Named after the favorite horse of the founding family, it was called “Marathon” until 1990.
05:15 PM Answer : Snickers Diwali Gift Pack

05:00 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:A bee that does nit naturally buzz
05:00 PM Answer : B Natural festive delights

04:45 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue: A sealed plastic bag designed to stand upright is called_____
04:45 PM Answer : Paperboat special doypack

03:00 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:   UNSCRABLE “OOIMSL” FOR GIFT
03:00 PM Answer: Solimo Festive Delights Gift Pack of Nuts and Dry Fruits, 300g

03:15 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue: YDUABRC
03:15 PM Answer :  Cadbury celebration, assorted chocolate gift pack, 190.3g

03:30 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue: contains scotch fingers & Nice
03:30 PM Answer :  Unibic, cookies magic, 300g

03:45 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:   A chef of dough says “Ho Ho Ho”
03:45 PM Answer : Pillsbury Cookie Cake Greeting Pack, 276g

04:00 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue: Feeling _is to feel cheerful & celebratory
04:00 PM Answer :  maggi festive flavors gift pack

04:15 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue: A mix of childhood favourites
04:15 PM Answer : Paper boat celebration mix pack, 850ml tin box

04:30 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:  Has stars wrapped in gold & milk that’s not white but a bar that is.
04:30 PM Answer : Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 177.8g 


The most exciting contest in the history of e-commerce is back once again – Amazon App Treasure Hunt – A contest where you need to solve some clues and you get products free of cost. Last time’s treasure hunt held on Christmas was very successful and this time once again, amazon is back with the same contest with new clues every 15 minutes on 3rd October. The only change is that this time only festive food gift hampers will be available as prizes.

All Answers and Clues on Amazon Treasure Hunt on 10th Oct

2 PM Clue:

2:15 PM Clue:

2:30 PM Clue:

2:45 PM Clue:

3:00 PM Clue:

3:15 PM Clue:

3:30 PM Clue:

3:45 PM Clue:

4:00 PM Clue:

4:15 PM Clue:

4:30 PM Clue:

4:45 PM Clue:

5:00 PM Clue:

5:15 PM Clue:

5:30 PM Clue:

5:45 PM Clue:

6:00 PM Clue:

6:15 PM Clue:

6:30 PM Clue:

6:45 PM Clue:

7:00 PM Clue:

7:15 PM Clue:

7:30 PM Clue:

7:45 PM Clue:

8:00 PM Clue:

8:15 PM Clue:

8:30 PM Clue:

8:45 PM Clue:

9:00 PM Clue:

9:15 PM Clue:

9:30 PM Clue:

9:45 PM Clue:

Amazon Treasure Hunt Clue Answers (3rd October)

3 PM Clue Answer – 

3 PM Clue Answer  (Blockbuster)

3:15 PM Clue Answer – 

3:30 PM Clue Answer – 

3:30 PM Clue Answer  (Blockbuster)

3:45 PM Clue Answer – 

4:00 PM Clue Answer – 

4:00 PM Clue Answer  (Blockbuster)

4:15 PM Clue Answer – 

4:30 PM Clue Answer – 

4:30 PM Clue Answer  (Blockbuster)

4:45 PM Clue Answer – 



5 PM Clue Answer – 

Blockbuster Clue Answer (5 PM) –

5:15 pm Clue Answer –

5:30 PM Clue Answer – 

Blockbuster Clue Answer (5:30 PM) –

5:45 PM Clue Answer – 


How to Play App Treasure Hunt

  1. Download and sign In Amazon App Click Here
  2. Now Open Home Banner "App Treasure Hunt" Contest Page
  3. Now Guess The Answer The Clue
  4. Find The right Product Matching The Clue using Sear on The Amazon App
  5. The Right Answer Will Have A Sticker on The Product Page.
  6. Click The Sticker To See If you Have Won
  7. Claim The Product for Free.


Contest Duration : 10 October  Time 2:00 PM To 6:00 PM Every 15 Minutes you find new clue match product to get free



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