IPL 2022: This is the final Babu .. T20 World Cup that left the Sunrisers in confusion .. Who should be retained?


IPL 2022: The BCCI will hold a mega auction ahead of next year’s IPL 2022. With the announcement of the retain policy already in place the respective franchisees have come to a decision on who to retain. However the World Cup final plunged SRH ownership into confusion.

The BCCI is going to hold a mega auction before the IPL 2022. With the arrival of two new teams this time around there is going to be a lot of demand for players in the mega auction.

IPL 2022 BCCI Retain Policy

The BCCI has announced a Retain Policy for the existing 8 old teams. According to this, any team can field two foreign two domestic .. or three domestic one foreign cricketers. After watching this year’s IPL performance, the respective teams came to a resolution on who should be released.

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IPL 2022
IPL 2022

It is learned that Sunrisers Hyderabad (Sunrisers Hyderbad), which did poorly in IPL 2021, has also come to a decision about the players to be retained. Kane Williamson, Rashid Khan, T Natarajan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar are expected to be included in the squad. Ready to get rid of David Warner who is not on the farm.

Sunrisers Hyderabad’s ownership in Confusion..

However, after watching the T20 World Cup semis and finals, Sunrisers Hyderabad’s ownership fell into complete disarray. David Warner, who was not on the farm, not only excelled but also won the Player of the Tournament award. Mitchell Marsh, who missed the season due to injury, was named Player of the Match in the final. Kane Williamson, on the other hand, kicked the mane. Rashid Khan, who wanted to stick to the foreign quota, said the home player Bhubaneswar did not perform at the actual level. The trust placed in both of them was shattered.

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And now the Sunrisers’ ownership is at a loss as to which players to keep with the team. David’s wife Candice, on the other hand, rebutted previous criticisms of her husband via Twitter. During the IPL 2021, many people saw Warner’s form and criticized that his work was over .. age was increasing .. form was lost.

Will RCB Take Warner?

Candies who remember all this .. Outof form .. Too old and slow .. Congrats. It also has a Player of the Tournament photo attached to it. Analysts believe that Sunrisers are unlikely to retain Warner. He says that even when he came into the form .. there was a huge gap with the ownership .. it could not be replaced. Possibility to take RCB or any new franchise Warner.

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What is IPL 2022 auction date?

Currently retention window is opened for 8 older franchises from November 1 to November 30, while for the two new franchises as per report Lucknow and Ahmedabad will be from December 1 to December 25. So IPL 2022 auction I may happen in January 2022.

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