Jay Bhim Controversy: Let go .. Answer only these 2 questions! Kaduvetti Guru’s son Kanalarasan is furious


Jay Bhim Controversy: Former Vanniyar Sangam leader Kaduvetti Guru’s son Kanalarasan has raised questions as to whether the Udayasuriya symbol can be used instead of the Agni coffin in the Jai Bhim movie or the character can be named Stalin instead of Guru.

Controversy arose when the character of the sub-inspector in the movie Jaybeam spoke on the phone and in its background the iconic Agni urn of the Vanniyar Sangam was placed on a calendar.

The Vanniyar Sangam protested that the name of the sub-inspector was Guru Murthy and that the Agni Kalasam calendar was linked to it, which was tantamount to indirectly criticizing the deforestation Guru.

Bama questions

In this regard, the BJP has also come down to the field and raised a series of questions to actor Surya. Although the Agni urn has now been replaced by calendar graphics, the Vanniyar Sangam lawyer sent a notice asking Surya to apologize or pay Rs 5 crore in damages. The case was filed in the Chidambaram court yesterday on behalf of the Vanniyar Sangam.

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Freedom of expression

Jai Bhim
Jai Bhim

It is in this context that Kaduvetti Guru’s son Kanalarasan has raised a series of questions in a video recording. The Jaybeam movie features visual systems that badly portray the majority community, the Vanniyar community. The image of the fire urn is placed on the villain’s home calendar. If you tap on this they answer that it is freedom of expression.

Rising Sun Calendar

I ask you something whether it is director Gnanavelu or actor Surya who speaks freedom of expression. If you dare you can put the Udayasuriya calendar or the double leaf picture calendar instead of the Vanniyar Sangam coffin. Can you name Stalin or Edappadi Palanisamy as an alternative to Guru? You do not have the courage to do this. How fair is it to just put the Vanniyar Sangam calendar in that place and name the villain character as Guru.

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Victim Parvati

If you really took this picture with a good perspective you should have met the victim Parvathi’s mother and got her permission. All you have done is plagiarism. Everyone knows this. If you are reasonable you should give a parity of your profits to Parvati. Thus Kanalarasan has stated in the video recording.

Maridas question

Earlier, in a YouTube post released by YouTube celebrity Maridas, the calendar display was deliberately placed. He has said that the incident did not happen. He pointed out that in many other scenes the calendars are placed in the background according to the respective scene layout and only in this scene the Agni urn is placed so it is not possible for the film crew to be unaware of which calendar should be placed in all the scenes. They are motivated by purpose. Had refused to admit it.

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