♣👌Kurla Satta ♣👌| What is Kurla Satta Matka and how does it work?


♣👌Kurla Satta ♣👌: Satta Matka, many people would be betting on Kurla Satta (Satta Matka) but there are many people like that, they would never have understood Satta Matka deeply nor would they have to know what is Satta Matka and what is Kurla Satta is. What is History, How it started, Who is the father of Kurla Satta, Satta Matka Result, Satta Matka.com, Satta Matka Kalyan, Satta Matka Kalyan Chart, Kurla Satta Result, Satta Matka Guessing, Satta Matka Kalyan Bazaar, Satta Matka Milan, satta matka 220 leaves etc. In this article, we will also inform you about the information related to when Satta Matka started, how Satta Matka is played.

What is Kurla Satta?

Satta means gambling or investing money to win and lose. If we bet between any two things and do money transactions on winning or losing, it is called betting or gambling. Gambling is played in many ways in India. Such as betting on the victory of a team, betting on a player, gambling through cards, etc. Although any type of gambling is banned in India, except horse riding.

Kurla Satta is a way of making bets, under which people bet on numbers and earn profits. Although profits are limited to a limited number of people and losses to many, while the ka matka operator takes out his profit in any form.

Satta Matka means ka matka inside the pot –

Satta and Matka You can understand from the name itself that the game of Satta Matka is related to any matka. If you are thinking so, then it is absolutely correct. In this game points are recorded by writing a slip inside the pot, then a slip is picked up from the pot and the winning point is reported. Whoever scores the points becomes the winner. With the changing times, where everything has become digital, Satta Matka has also come online. There are many websites available in the market that play Satta Matka Online.

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Kurla Satta in the Preliminary round –

Satta Matka games were started by Ratan Khatri. He is called the Satta Matka King. He gave birth to the sport in the 70s. Initially, people liked this game very much but with time the number of people who want this game decreased. In this one had to wait for the result and mentally the game could have been played in the best way. During that time people got better options than Kurla Satta. In which unlimited benefits were available in less time, less cost. Due to which Satka Matka lost its popularity.

♣👌Kurla Satta ♣👌 - JMCH
♣👌Kurla Satta ♣👌

Gambling is considered an addiction in India and in a society where the word addiction is considered bad, then games like gambling were not developed much there. At the same time, the use of the brain was more in this game and the person who was good in maths could understand this game better and earn profits, due to which the rest of the people kept on losing in this game.

Kurla Satta brain game with luck –

Gambling is considered a game of luck but satta matka is played with luck as well as mind. If you have excellent guessing experience and can understand numbers and figures in perfect harmony then the game of Satka Matka can make you rich overnight. The creator of this game, Ratan Khatri, is considered to be the king of Kurla Satta game, who has earned crores of rupees from this game and has taken many people from floor to floor by giving satta matka tips.

You don’t have to rely solely on luck to play satta matka game. You have to use your intelligence to choose the points smartly while playing this game, this will increase your chances of winning. Remind you once again that Satta Matka game is completely banned in India, if you are found playing any Satta Matka game then you will be arrested with immediate effect and you will also be fined.

What about is Gambling Act 1867?

Yet people play it under the nose of the law. In different states of India, there is an exemption to invest money in some games, such as casinos that have been legalized in Goa. However, a law passed by the British in 1867, which is the Public Gambling Act, mandates that no person gamble or gamble.

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Who is Kurla Satta King?

Ratan Khatri is said to be the originator of the traditional pot. People recognize him by the name of Matka King. Ratan Khatri’s daily income was more than Rs 1 crore. He was called the uncrowned king of the pot. Ratan Khatri died in 2020.

At the time of partition, Ratan Khatri came to Mumbai from Karachi. During this time Mumbai was under the shadow of the underworld and the speculative business was also flourishing. Then Ratan Khatri started in this game in which slip was put inside the pot. At that time there was neither the age of the Internet nor the mobile phone was the only means of sending information at that time. As soon as the result of Satki Matki came, it used to spread all over the country in no time. From this, it can be estimated that the popularity of the pot was so much.

At that time telephonic was the beginning phase in India. Even if you wanted to call someone after 9 pm, you could not. Because of the popularity of betting mats, there were bookies on all the lines, who were telling each other lucky numbers. However, Kalyanji Bhagat was also behind the successful betting of Ratan Khatri.

Kalyan Ji Bhagat was a straight man, he went from Kutch to Mumbai and used to run a ration shop there. He used to listen to the words of the New York Cotton Exchange from the customers who came to his shop, then he felt that there was a lot of speculation in the business of betting. It has a strong scope. After this Ratan Khatri and Kalyan ji Bhagat became partners and the satta matka started.

When did Kurla Satta start?

Satta Matka is called a game of numbers. If you are an expert in intelligence and data research, then this game can be played in the best way. Satta Matka is becoming famous at a very fast pace in India. Millions of people are trying their hand at this game. Their only desire is that they can earn maximum profit from this game.

Satta Matka originated in India in the 1950s. In the beginning, it was not called Kurla Satta (Satki Matki) but ‘Ankra Jugar’ which means pair of numbers. But in this, the pair of numbers was made using the matka, due to which people started knowing it by the name of satta matka. Kurla Satta game is a game started on the basis of the New York Cotton Exchange.

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In the New York Cotton Exchange, speculators used to speculate on the open and close rates of cotton. People used to play betting by investing money on the estimated value of cotton. The price of cotton was sent from New York Cotton Exchange to Mumbai Cotton Exchange via teleprinter. When this game was closed in 1961, the alternative of this game was searched and Satta Matka was born to save the Satta Market from ending.

Initially, this game was played offline in which a slip was put inside the pot. But currently, it is now being played online. Despite this, people still call it Satta Matka.

How To Play Kurla Satta?

Satta Matka is played online nowadays. You can get money through an agent. But money is not just thrown with an arrow in the air. You should have a good understanding related to Satta Matka and numbers, only then you can make a profit in the game of Satta Matka (Kurla Satta).

If you want to know how to play Satta Matka, then keep reading this article. You will be given complete information related to Satki Matki game.

What is Profit and Loss To Play Kurla Satta?

Before this, understand the basics of Kurla Satta. In this game, if someone tells you that you will get 4 out of 1, it means that you will be given 400 rupees out of 100. You can get up to 100 times in Kurla Satta. Maybe this is the reason why people are more attracted to it. Let us tell you that we are writing this post for information purposes only. We do not promote this game. This game is an illegal game.

Disclaimer –

please pay attention! The purpose of writing this article is to provide information about Kurla Satta Matka. We do not endorse in any way Satta Matka or any such game which is legally banned. Nor do we advise you to play such games. This website is not responsible in any way for betting-related activities. The information published on it is taken from the internet.

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