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PPF Calculator: PPF calculator is a basic calculation tool using which any individual can calculate his/her Public Provident Fund amount. It helps the individual in all the PPF related calculations.

PPF Calculator

Using this, you can easily calculate the amount of your PPF return year wise. This is a very important tool that can easily do calculations related to PF accounts. After using PPF Calculator, you don’t need other SBI PPF Calculator, PNB PPF Calculator, India Post PPF Calculator, HDFC PPF Calculator etc. Friends, nowadays in this article we are going to give you all the important information related to PPF calculator, so definitely read the whole article carefully.

General Rules of Public Provident Fund Calculation

Before using PPF calculator, it is very important to know about its rules. Following are some general rules.

In this, you can invest a maximum of 1.5 lakh rupees in 1 year, while the minimum amount of investment is ₹ 500. Interest is calculated at the end of every financial year. The maturity period of PPF account is 15 years and the income earned from it is completely tax free. The rate of PPF keeps on changing every quarter as per the announcements of the Finance Ministry.

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How to use SBI PPF Calculator?

PPF Calculator
PPF Calculator

Friends, let us now know how you can use PPF calculator properly. But for this you have to provide all the data given below.

Tenure of PPF account – Minimum 15 years to maximum 50 years (After 50 years you can extend its tenure after every 5 years as per your wish)

Deposit or Payout Period – You can choose this period as monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly as per your convenience.

Deposit Amount – This is the amount that you will deposit in the account according to the deposit period, for example, suppose your deposit amount is ₹ 100 and your deposit payment period which is also called deposit frequency is monthly, then according to this 1 year Your total PPF deposit for Rs. 1200 will be Rs.

Interest Rate – This is the rate at which you get your PPF money back. You can calculate the interest rate with the help of PPF calculator. However the interest rate is fixed by the government which keeps on decreasing/increasing.

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Current interest rates of Public Provident Fund

At present, the interest rate of PPF is 7.1% per annum as of the fourth quarter of the financial year 2021-22. This interest rate is fixed by the Ministry of Finance which keeps on changing every 3 months. You can use PPF calculator to get PPF returns based on different interest rates. Below we have given the details of PPF interest rates for the last few financial years. You can see this..

Duration PPF Interest Rate
Fourth Quarter FY 20-217.1% Per Annum
Third Quarter FY 20-217.1% Per Annum
Second Quarter FY 20-217.1% Per Annum
First Quarter FY 20-217.1% Per Annum
Fourth Quarter FY 19-207.9% Per Annum
First Quarter FY 19-208% Per Annum
Fourth Quarter FY 18-198% Per Annum
Third Quarter FY 18-198% Per Annum
Second Quarter FY 18-197.6% Per Annum

How to get loan against PPF?

If you deposit some amount in your PPF account, then let us tell you that after 3 years of the PPF account opening period, the option of taking a loan on that amount is available for 6 years. The amount to be availed as loan is added to the total amount deposited in PPF and the interest received.

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Rules for withdrawing money from Public Provident Fund

To withdraw money from PPF, one has to wait for the maturity period which is 15 years. After the completion of this maturity period, you can withdraw the amount from your PF account. However, after the end of 6 years, the PPF account holder can withdraw some money from his account. The amount to withdraw money from PPF is calculated by PPF calculator.


Q: What is the PPF interest rate for the fourth quarter of the financial year 2021-22?

Let us tell you that the interest rate of PPF for the fourth quarter of the current financial year is 7.1%.

Q: What is SBI PPFs calculator?

PPF Calculator is a simple tool with the help of which you can easily calculate your PPF returns.

Q: What is closing balance?

The balance that comes by adding the interest earned by you in the current financial year and the money that has been deposited in the PPF account is called closing balance.

Q: What is the opening balance?

This is the current amount in the PPF account at the beginning of the financial year.

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