SPSS Bihar : Society Transformation Power Organization Bihar

As it is well known that the incidents of corruption and other things contrary to law have increased in the state of Bihar nowadays, so many organizations in the meantime come into the mainstream to improve the society, and fight for the rights of the victims, these organizations SPSS Bihar – Social Transformation Power Organization Bihar is also included.

“SPSS Bihar – Samaj Parivartan Shakti Sangathan” is a non-profit organization based in Bihar, and it is fighting against corruption in Bihar. Apart from this, this organization is trying to connect the backward and poor people in the society in the main stream.

SPSS Bihar – Main functions of social change power organization Bihar

SPSS Bihar – Following are the main functions of the Social Change Power Organization –

  • Organizing public service activities
  • Standing up for the rights of victims in society
  • Raising voice against corruption etc.