UP Lekhpal General Science Top 45 Important Questions, Must Read Before Exam


UP Lekhpal General Science Top 45 Important Questions: In today post we have brought you top General science questions which may ask in your Exam. So let’s read..

UP Lekhpal General Science Top 45 Important Questions [One Liner]

UP Lekhpal General Science
UP Lekhpal General Science

1- The nervous system of the body is affected by tetanus.

2- The average of blood in a healthy human body is 5 – 6 liters.

3- Purification of human blood takes place in the kidney.

4- The smallest gland of the human body is located in the pituitary brain.

5- The largest gland in the human body is the liver.

6- Insulin was discovered by Batting and West.

7- The image of the object is formed in the retina of the eye.

8- In eye donation, the cornea of ​​the eye is donated.

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9- The highest protein (42%) is found in soybean.

10- Water soluble vitamins are B and C.

11- Vitamin C C is found in citrus fruits.

12- The chemical name of vitamin C is ‘scurvic acid’. 13. Aristotle is called the father of biology.

13- The term biology was first used by Lamarck and Trevirens.

14- Theophrastus is called the father of botany.

15- The father of modern taxonomy is called Linnaeus.

16- The smallpox vaccine was discovered by Edward Jenner.

17- The botanical name of mango is Mengifera indica.

18- Carbon dioxide gas contributes the most to the greenhouse effect.

19- Skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

20- The rabies vaccine was discovered by Alexander Fleming.

21- Argon gas is filled inside the electric bulb.

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22- Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas. It was discovered by Priestley.

23- The first ‘periodic table’ was created by the Russian scientist Mendeleev.

24- The law of modern periodic table has been propounded by Moseley.

25- Electric current is measured in amperes.

26- Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by dynamo device.

27- Candle converts chemical energy into light and heat energy.

28- Light year is the unit of measurement of distance. The largest unit of measurement of distance is the parsec.

29- Common salt (sodium chloride NaCl) is used in the preservation of food and pickle.

30- Diamond and graphite are allotropes of carbon.

31- Diamond is a poor conductor of electricity and graphite is a good conductor of electricity.

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32- L. P. G. Contains a mixture of butane and propane.

33- L. P. G. Its strong smell is due to the sulfur compound (methyl mercaptan) found in it.

34- Silver and copper are the best conductors of electricity.

35- Titanium is called a strategic metal.

35- Silver iodide is used for artificial rain.

36- Silver nitrate is applied for marking on the fingers of voters.

37- The lightning conductor was invented by Benjamin Fecklin.

38- Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide.

39- Platnium is called white gold.

40- Chlorine gas discolors flowers.

41- Mercury and Venus do not have a single satellite.

42- Saturn has the most satellites.

43- The human blood bank is called spleen or spleen.

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