WhatsApp New Features: This New Audio Feature rolls out for Android & iOS- JMCH


WhatsApp New Features: The company is working to introduce the same feature for audio messages as it does for fast listening to voice notes on the watch processor.

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp is working to introduce the same feature for audio messages as it does for fast listening to voice notes on the WhatsApp processor. This new feature, which is currently being tested on Apple iOS, allows you to listen to audio messages faster than 1.5 and 2 on WhatsApp. This is a feature that has already been introduced for voice nodes.

WhatsApp is an active voice recording message called a voice note. When this voice note is shared with others or sends other audio files, it is called an audio message. When a voice note is shared with others, it naturally becomes a voice note.

Recently a few months ago, WhatsApp introduced the feature of increasing the speed of voice notes. It is said that the same feature will now be provided for audio messages. The feature is said to be being tested on the Apple smartphone processor iOS and will be introduced first for Apple smartphones and then for Android smartphones.

No further details have been released on the matter. However as there is already a speed boosting feature in the Voice Note feature it is expected to be tested and delivered to users soon.

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WhatsApp New Features
WhatsApp New Features

When talking about the new features of the WhatsApp processor, we need to talk about the security features newly introduced by the WhatsApp company. Flash call feature introduced. This feature has been introduced as a security feature for phone verification when opening a new account on WhatsApp processor, rather than via SMS. It is currently only offered for smartphones running on the Android processor.

As another highlight, WhatsApp has introduced the ability to mark and report only a specific message in a conversation. WhatsApp already provides users with the ability to report and block based on other users’ profile information. The specific message-based report that is currently being introduced will help make this process faster and easier, according to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp has recently released both these features in India.

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